Dial up your unconscious with a drawing

Sometimes when there's a lot going on it can be hard to know what we're feeling.

I started drawing a while ago as a way of processing my feelings, I felt very self-critical at first but that soon eased as I went on. The trick is to ask yourself a simple question to come up with an image and get it down on paper quickly - no more than 6 minutes say to get the bones of it down. If I was a pair of shoes today, what shoes would I be? (you can try others, if I was a flower, a building, a car etc). If you're enjoying drawing carry on but remember, it's not about producing an artwork it's about dialing up your deeper knowing. When you feel ready - ask yourself, if this image had a message for me today what would it be? I drew these shoes today. I'd been thinking a lot about cybersecurity and how I keep my work safely online, it had made me a bit anxious. I drew these DM boots and the message was 'keep your boots on, stay grounded, go at your own pace.' (thanks to Ani de la Prida for explaining this to me).


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