Organise your worries

Updated: Feb 11

Way back in the 4th century a wise monk said that feelings left unexpressed rot like clothes in a chest. To release the feeling it must be 'aired' by physical action. And how right he was, good old Abba Poemen, seems that sitting in a cave in the Syrian desert was a useful exercise. Well we're not going anywhere right now are we? Let alone anywhere hot sunny and exotic as we sit in freezing temperatures looking out at a country and world in the grip of fear and anxiety. So next time you find yourself gripped by worry, here's a simple physical task to help.

Tear up several scraps of paper. On each one write down something you are worried out (don't think about it just bang them out). Then sort them into two columns.

1. Things you can't do anything about

2. Things that you can affect

Then put the first lot to one side and focus on the things you can affect. Get another piece of paper and write down for each 'worry' ONE small step that you can take in the next week. Think of 'the next right thing' you can do. Do one of them now and resolve to work your way through the list. Do not give yourself more than 5 to do. When you'e done them go back and see which of the worries left are still 'live' and repeat.

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