The broken kitkat

There's no doubt that positive thinking is a very useful habit. BUT sometimes when we've been hit with a wave of misery, being told or telling ourselves to 'think positively' can just feel like being bullied. So, we'd all like to be that person that is sunny all the time - but you know what? That person doesn't exist. Sometimes, and now ever more so, the world feels like a very sorry place to live and we just feel MISERABLE. And you know that - IT'S OK TO FEEL LIKE THAT!

I heard a brilliant assembly by a primary school headteacher recently. He apologised for having a cancelled an assembly the week before; he said with touching honesty that things had got too much for him. 'You know when your kit kat is broken, and you're upset about it?' He told the kids in an online assembly. 'In that moment you don't want anyone to fix your kit kat, or get you another one, you just want to be allowed to be upset about the broken kit kat.'

So if you need to cry about the kit kat, and/or go to bed and pull the covers over your head because the kit kat or the world has got too much....You do that.

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