Way out of comfort zone

The best thing about this period is that uniquely, ever we are all having something of the same experience. Overnight 'normal life' packed up and we are all working out our new normal. Personally I have been both stimulated by the change and overwhelmed by it. I've been thinking about becoming an online therapist for sometime but just hadn't got around it - so finally I've grasped the nettle and begun my Level 1 certification for online therapy (you have to do an additional formal training in addition to being a fully trained therapist). Our challenge yesterday was to make super brief video introducing ourselves. Wow! I found it really hard. I wanted to just be myself and say what I do, but kept fluffing up the words. I've made a decision that two hours of activity out of comfort zone is going to be my quota for the day. After that I'm doing some self care.

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